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Introducing Sarah Schultz

My name is Sarah Schultz and I have over 17 years experience in selling along with 8 years hands on experience, buying, renovating and flipping my own homes. I am honest, extremely customer focused and getting you the Seller the result you deserve is my priority. If you are looking for someone who can ease you through an effortless sale, with minimum fuss, information throughout the whole process and more money in your pocket, then I am the agent for you.

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Sunday Session #3 - Process of Selling your Property

Hi there, Just bringing you another informative Sunday Session with Sarah Schultz. This months session is about the process of s...

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Real Estate Experts Interview - Glenn Twiddle

Join Sarah Schultz as she sits down with Real Estate Expert Glenn Twiddle. The two experts discuss Sarah's book, her company Schultz Rea...

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Sunday Session #2 - Presenting Your Home For Sale

Hi there,   Just another Sunday Session with Sarah Schultz with some helpful tips and tricks for getting your home ready fo...

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