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Schultz Realty was founded in December 2015 by Sarah Schultz (the Property Matchmaker).

Sarah is a dynamic real estate professional, whose passion and drive for real estate shines through in the outstanding service she provides for her Clients. Sarah has also taken this love for real estate and applied it to numerous renovation projects she has completed for herself.

Over the past decade, Sarah and her husband have bought, renovated, styled and flipped multiple houses, this has given her firsthand experience on the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of renovating and selling. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge enabling her to provide low cost solutions, options and advice to ensure Seller’s homes appeal the broadest section of the market, ensuring a pleasing result in Minimum Time with Maximum Result.

Sarah has a down to earth, upfront, no nonsense, honest personality and approach to selling homes, which can be interpreted as quite forward at times, but rest assured you’re always in the best of hands.

Sarah has grown her boutique business over the last 3 years and has incorporated into the business a full-time sales assistant in her mother, (who is also a fully qualified real estate sales agent) along with a team that includes designers and social marketing experts. This has enabled Sarah to elevate her strong customer service focus to an even higher level by always having someone available to work on properties or attend inspections even when the shortest amount of notice is given.

In 2017 and 2018 Sarah was recognised by the market and was awarded the prestigious “Sellers Choice Award for Open Agent”. In 2018 Sarah sold 42 houses and achieved a list to sell ratio of 95%.

Giving her Clients Maximum Results in Minimum Time for their properties, is always Sarah’s main focus. Sarah does not take on listings for the sake of quotas or numbers and she will always give honest feedback on listing price, never overstating the price just to win a listing.

In 2018 Sarah wrote and published her first book titled “Putting your home on the top sellers list”. In this book Sarah share’s her knowledge and provides a guide for Sellers looking to sell their home. She provides vital information about finding an Agent, getting a house ready to go to market and how to get the best result possible.

This book is available for free on Sarah’s website

Sarah is known by many of her Clients as the “Property Matchmaker” as she takes the time to understand fully the desires of the Buyers on her database and works closely with them to find their dream home, while also helping Sellers achieve their desired results of selling their home.

If you’re thinking about selling or buying a home, Sarah is serious about the getting the job done right for you, in Minimum Time for Maximum Results.

Sarah Schultz, founder/ceo

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