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Schultz Realty was founded in December 2015 by Sarah Schultz.

Sarah Schultz is a fully licensed real estate agent with a reputation for delivering exceptional results that consistently exceed her client’s expectations.

Over the past 13 years Sarah and her husband have bought, renovated, styled, and flipped multiple houses which has provided her with firsthand experience of buying, renovating, and selling. Sarah is now selling on average 100 houses per year and has all the attributes necessary to give every seller and buyer an enjoyable real estate experience all while achieving the very best outcome each time. To Sarah, her clients are everything; Sarah is committed in continuing to deliver the highest level of service to her clients and genuinely cares about the results she achieves. Sarah’s clients say she is a down to earth, caring, warm person, with an infectious enthusiasm for real estate.

Schultz Realty
Sarah is an excellent communicator who is highly organised, thrives on a positive attitude and outcome, is a very loyal honest person to whom personal integrity is paramount and works well under pressure.
In 2021 & 2022, Sarah won RATE My Agent of the year awards for Agent of the year in Mount Warren Park and BAHRS SCRUB and Agency of the year in 2021 & 2022 in Mount Warren Park and Agency of the year for 2022 in Bahrs Scrub. In 2017 and 2018, Sarah was recognised by the market and was awarded the prestigious “Sellers Choice Award for Open Agent”. In 2018, Sarah wrote and published her first book titled “Your home sellers guide”. In this book Sarah shares her knowledge, providing vital information about finding an Agent, getting a house ready to go to market, tips for sale and how to get the best result possible.
Sarah has grown her Agency over the past 7 years. Four years ago, Sarah recruited her mother Doreen, who is also a qualified Real Estate Agent, into the business as her full-time Sales Assistant and has since recruited new staff members Alex and Dylan to assist with the sales and administration of the Agency working alongside a team of designers and social media marketing experts. This growth has enabled Sarah to elevate her strong customer service focus to a higher level by always having someone on hand to work on properties or attend inspections on short notice.


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